Add A New Page

Pages can be used instead of a post. When pages are used instead of a post you normally need links to help people to navigate the website. Pages however are often used to share info such as About Us, Term Of Use, Privacy Policy and Contact Us on your website.

-To create a page, On the Dashboard, go to Pages click on Add New.

Example 1

In the Add Title box, type the title for the page ‘About Us’. Press Enter on your keyboard. In the Content Box type all the info you wish to share. Next click on Publish.

Click on the word Preview or a computer icon whichever you see. Next click on Open In A New Tab. This should allow you to preview the page. When you are done previewing your page go to your Dashboard.

Example 1 can be useful if you do not want much styling on the page so these might be useful for terms of use, privacy policy and so on.

Example 2

You may want to use example 2 if you want to add more details or syling to your page. For example sharing more about a team, product, service. Scroll down the page to see what the page would look like. To create a page using example 2

-On the Dashboard go to Pages. Click on Add New. In the Add Title Box type ‘About Us’. Press the enter key on your keyboard. Click on the toggle. Next click on patterns then click on teams. Select the team member box.

Edit The Info In The Team Member Box

To edit the info in the Team Member Box

-replace The ‘Our Team’ heading with ‘We started in May 2022’. Then press the enter key on your keyboard.

-type ‘We are an e-learning platform that teaches you how to build three websites as well as give you the opportunity to earn money from our platform. This e-learning platform was created by Deon N. Brown owner of YR Income. We are based in Kitchener Ontario Canada.

The whole is much more than the sum of its part. Meet the owner and websites that are part of the platform!’.

Edit the Images in the Team Member Box

Click on each image then click on Replace. Next select a picture from your media library or upload one from your computer.

-Below each picture, type a heading you feel is appropriate. Delete the unwanted headings ‘Jake Austin, John Peterson, Technical Lead’ etc etc

-Beside the text ‘Sed ut perspiciatis…’, type some info that you feel is appropriate. Delete the unwanted text ‘Sed ut perspiciatis’.

Preview The Page Then Go To The Dashboard

The page should look something like this. Preview the page. When you are done previewing your page go to your Dashboard.

To Add A Link On Your Page Or Website

Links are important because they help people to navigate a website. Go to any of the pages you created. Highlight a word or sentence on the page. You will see the edit box. On the edit box you will see a link icon. Click on the icon. Next type in or select the name of the page on your website you wish for this link to navigate to. Click on Update. Next preview the page on your website then click on the link to see if it navigates to the page you want it to. If not, go back to the page and correct the link. If you are using an affiliate link to earn money on your website, you add these links on your page or website in the same way.

Add Terms Of Use, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy Pages On Your Website.

Menus, Widgets And The Footer Area Of A Website.

Most times to add a terms of use, privacy policy, about us or contact us page you need to use the menu, widget or footer area of a website. The widget area you already did. You are going to add the About Us page you created on the website by customising the menu. The menu most times appears at the top of the page. To customise the menu click on Customise then Select Menu. Click on Add New Then Type in the name of your menu for example, About Us. Next select if you want the page on the primary, top or bottom menu. You should see the area that the menu would appear. If that is where you want the page to appear on your website then click on Publish. Next preview the page, click on the link to see if the link goes to the page you want it to, if not correct it.

Add Pages To The Website (Cont)

The footer area of the website is normally at the bottom of the page or post of the website. To add a page on the footer area click on Customize. Select Footer or Widget. You may have more than one footer area on the website. Select the footer you want, you will see where it appears on the website. Next type the name of the page you wish to add to the Footer area for example Terms Of Use, About Us and so on. You will see where the page appears, if that is where you want the page on the website then add a link and click on Publish. Test the link to see if it works. If not correct the link. Check your website, see if it is what you want.

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