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This User-Agreement is between (“We”, “Our”, “Us”, or “the Site”) and Users (“You”, Your”). This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions that govern the products, services and features that we make available to you (Collectively “The Service”). Use of The Service is also governed by the Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure Policy.

A. Age:

This website and the training material is intended for people who are eighteen (18) years old or older. If you are younger than eighteen (18) years old please ensure that your parents or legal guardian are aware of The Sites, and this User-Agreement. If you are a parent it is your responsibility to be aware of what your child is doing on “The Sites”. It is also your responsibility as a parent or legal guardian to read, understand and agree to this User-Agreement. When someone below eighteen (18) years old is using the service, it will be construed as the parent or legal guardian agreeing to this User-Agreement.

B. Charges For The Services:

In order to provide the service to you a fee may be charged by us. This fee may change from time to time. The fee is charged in Canadian dollars. If you are using a different foreign currency, exchange rates may vary. Please ensure that you convert that currency into Canadian dollars and pay the fee in Canadian dollars. The charge for the Service is solely for the training content and materials we provide. Other charges such as web-hosting cost, domain registration etc. which might be needed to build a website is not included in the fee for The Service.

C. Ideas On How To Use A Website To Earn Money

Some portion of the service gives you some ideas of what you could do to earn money from a website. These are mere suggestions which you use at your sole discretion. You agree that you use these ideas at your own risks. You also agree that you will hold us blameless for any and all consequences that may result from you using these ideas.

D. The Learning Outcome

People learn at different stages, at different rates and in different ways. Therefore, we do not make any guarantees about the learning outcome of you learning to build a website. You agree that you and you alone is responsible for getting the desired learning outcome you want from using our training content and materials.

E. Password:

In some cases a password may be given to you by us to use to learn to build a website. You are allowed to share your password with as many people as you wish. You agree that:

(1) You share the password with others at your own risk.

(2) You agree that if a password is shared with you to learn to build a website that you and you allow is responsible for all and any consequences resulting from you accepting, paying for and using this password.

(3) You agree that all passwords are valid from April 1, 2024 to April 1, 2030. After this period, you agree you will be required to have a new password. You also agree that you may be charged a fee by us to use this new password.

F. Links And Ads:

The Service has some links and ads. Most of the links and ads on The Sites are to provide you with the training. Some of these links and ads may allow you to visit other websites that we do not own or operate. Therefore we do not have control over these third party websites. Please look at the terms and privacy policy of these third party websites. If you do not agree with the terms or privacy policy of the third party website please decide what you feel is best.

G. Warranties And Guarantees:

The Service is provided to you ‘As Is’. We cannot and do not guarantee that the service is without delays, disruptions, errors, mistakes or without fault whether by man-made, catastrophic or foreseen events such as an oversight, servers being down due to maintenance, natural disasters such as floods, earthquake, etc or other events that might be beyond our control. You agree that you use The Service at your sole discretion and at your own risk.

H. The Affiliate Disclosure Policy:

The Affiliate Disclosure Policy discloses information about some links and ads we may earn an income from. Therefore please read the Affiliate Disclosure Policy.

I. Privacy Policy: has provided a privacy policy. The privacy policy explains how information is collected and used. Therefore please read the Privacy Policy

J. Changes To The Service

From time to time we may make changes in part or in full to the service without notice. You agree that we reserve the right to do so. You also agree that it is your responsibility to keep up to date with these changes. The changes and the date they take effect will be posted on this page.

K. Your Acceptance And Agreement

By visiting and accessing The Service, you signify that you accept and agree to the Terms, Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure Policy presented on this page. If you do not agree with them, you agree to leave the website immediately and will find a different website to use.

Effective February 10, 2024