Take A Moment, Relax And Smile

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The name of this website is called blog.yourgetitstore.com. This is a demo training website. This demo training website is put together to showcase a cleaning service business website. Though this website is showcasing a cleaning service website you can build other types of service business websites such as a daycare, website a travel agency website, a process server website, a website for a school or church etc. The main goal is to guide you and let you see some features of the website and know what each does. So when you are building your own website you can easily use these features.


The outline gives you an idea of some of the things you will be doing on your website. First you will build website 1 then website 2. You Will:

  1. Browse the demo website
  2. Add the theme to your website
  3. Create Pages and Posts for your website
  4. Add Widgets
  5. Add Plugins
  6. Customize the theme

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