Enhance the SEO Of The Website

5. Go to plugins click Add New. Type Yoast SEO in the search box. When you find the plugin, click Install then click Activate. 

-Go to Posts, click on all posts. Find the post you want to edit, click on Edit. Scroll below to the post, in the Yoast SEO plugin fill in the details you want for each post. Click on Update.

Customise The Website

6. Customise the theme. Go to the front-end of the website. Click Customise.

-Site Identity. Look at the demo website. Use the information to type the Site Title And and Tagline. Click the back arrow once.

-Click on Widgets then click on Sidebar. Click on the pencil icons. In the vertical option box click on Delete to remove all the widgets you do not want.  

-Go to Homepage Settings and check Latest Posts. Congrats you are done building the demo business directory website.

Note: You can create any business directory you want. You can create it for a specific city or service or even an entire country. If you want a business directory that allows other people to create an account, pay a fee for the account on the website then post their own content you can look into adding a plugin or look for in the themes directory on your website for themes that allows this functionality.