Create A Post Category

4. You will be adding posts to the website. Before you do that, create some categories for the posts. 

-To create a post category, go to Posts, click on Categories.

Add More Post Categories

– In the name box type Bouquets then click on Add New Category.

-Look at all wedding categories you see on the demo website and create the categories. 

Create A Post

Look at the demo website. Select a post from a wedding category. Next create the post for the category. You covered how to create a post while building website 1. Use the same steps. On the dashboard, go to Post, click on Add New. Write the post title ‘The Cake Place’. Press the enter key on your keyboard then type the text for the post ‘The Cake Place is your one stop place for…….’ Press the enter key on your keyboard.

Add A gallery To The Post

-To do that click on the toggle then click on Patterns. Next click on Gallery. Select the last gallery that is labelled ‘Offset Images With Descriptions’. Next you will be adding images in your gallery. You did this while you were building Website 1. So click on the images then click on Replace then click Upload. Upload a wedding picture from your phone or computer.

Next click on the text boxes beside the pictures. Decide if you want to add some details beside the pictures or delete this unwanted information. If you wish, you can also change the colour of the text. Highlight the text, go to the Publish Box, click on the small half black, half while circle icon, then select the colour for the text. On the Publish box, check the category for the post then click on Update.

Review The Post With Checklist

-A checklist can be useful. It helps you decide if you have everything you want in your post. Now check your posts . Did you?…Type the title of the post, type the content in the text box, insert the gallery, set the featured image, check the category for the post, uncheck comments and pingbacks and trackbacks, check for spelling, do the SEO, remove unwanted texts and images etc.

If you missed one or two of these things, do them. Is there anything else you would have liked to see on the posts? If yes and you don’t know or remember how to do it, go to the training for Website 1 or look through the useful links on your Dashboard. If you are satisfied with your posts, click on Publish. That means everyone can now see your post. Next move to the next step below which is to create more posts for the directory.

Create More Posts For The Directory

-Look at the demo website. Select other posts from each category then create the posts. Use the same steps above. Use the checklist to see if you missed anything.

Insert A Video In A Post

-For the post with the title ‘Wedding Vow And First Dance Suggestions’ to add a first dance song/video in the post, go to Youtube. In the search box type ‘Till death do us part song’ by Brian Nhira or any other video you would want to share. When you see the video click on it. Click the share button, copy the link and paste it in your website post.