The Demo Website

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Let’s Get To It. Use The Checklist Below To Build An Online Store With a Blog.

  1. Click Browse to visit the demo website you are about to build.
  2. Take product pictures for your store. For now you can use any picture from your phone or computer.
  3. Add a theme. The theme for this website is Apparel Store by Startup Shop.
  4. Add Plugins. Two plugins you may need for an online store are Yoast SEO and Payment Gateway For Paypal Woocommerce (free). The Yoast plugin allows you to write a description for your product page which people normally see when they do a search online. Paypal is a payment method you can use to collect payment for things you sell on your website. They will give you some prompts to customise the plugin.
  5. Create 3 Product categories. The categories are handbag, purse and luggage set. Add at least 7 products to the store. Include the price, product image, product gallery, product category, product description and add the SEO for the product. 
  6. Create the post ‘Start Off Your Website Project Feeling Really Happy-3 Simple Suggestions That Might make You Laugh’. Use the toggle to create the post. Add the SEO for the post.  Add 2 other posts. Go to Create a logo and add it somewhere on your website.
  7. Customise the Site. Look at the site. Add all the info you see. Remove the info you do not see.

Create A Page And Add A Link. You Normally Click On A Link To Go A Page Or Post On A Website. Here is An Example. Click On This Link To Learn To Create A Page And Add A Link On The Page.

Take A Moment, Relax And Smile

Congrats! Hope you were able to build this website. Hope you were also able to build the other 2 websites. Now you can build your very own website.

From time to time please visit this website. I will be sharing more training materials. You have your password. Use it and visit again.


I wish you all the success with your website project. Be it business, personal or for charity. Before you go, play the video below, close your eyes, breathe in and out, stretch a little and take 5 minutes to relax.