Thanks for making the decision to visit my website. is a training website. teaches you how to build 3 different websites and equip you with some new skills. In your spare time you can start a hobby, work from home on a side hustle and earn money or even build a website for a charity. This is part of a Skin-Web-Vertisement Service package that includes a feature that allows you to promote your website too.

Why Did I Choose To Build This Website?

I am Deon N. Brown. I live In Kitchener Ontario Canada. I am the person who built this website. I’m doing this to earn some money and complete a challenge I saw online of getting people to pay me to get a tattoo for them so I can get a full body tattoo with words chosen by them. In short I’m doing this thing I call Skin-Web-Vertisement and seeing if it would work out. In exchange I am teaching the people who come on board how to build 3 websites and giving them some suggestions that I feel can be used to earn money too.

How Does This Work

This works in 4 easy and simple steps.


These steps are:

  1. You pay for the package I mentioned above. Please click on the link to get more details. The package cost CD$300+hst. When you make a payment between October 1, 2023 to October 1, 2024 you will pay only $275+hst. Please scroll down this page to see the payment method
  2. You will get a password. Your password will allow you to access the training material and content on this website.
  3. When you get your password and you’re ready to begin to learn to build the websites, you click on Get Started below, enter your password then you can start training.
  4. After you are done building your website email me the details you wish for me to use to help you promote your website.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits You Get In Return

There are many benefits you get from paying for the package I mentioned to you and learning to build 3 websites. Here are some of the benefits you get:

1. You get to give someone (me) a tattoo. You get to choose to give something to someone.

2. You will learn how to do something new in a convenient way so you can work around any schedule you might have. You can learn or work from anywhere-from home, the library or at a coffee shop at any time of the day or night.

3. The website you build and the new skill you learn can be used to earn money in your spare time working from home, start a new hobby or do something kind for others by building a website for a charitable cause. You can think of website ideas you want to work on or look into one of the 4 side hustle suggestions from me. When you pay for the package you will get these side hustle suggestions. Each suggestion is aimed at helping you to earn more than the money you spend on the package.

4. In addition to helping you to build a website I also help you to promote your website. This can help you to find people to check out your website, give you page views on a blog or help you to sell a product on an online store or other website. The best part is that it is very affordable and economical.

5. One great added benefit you get from getting a password to access the content and materials on is that you can share your password with your friends and family. Which means they don’t need to pay extra to use your password. As long as they know your password your friends and family can learn to build the 3 websites too. You can even use your password to earn money by telling others about the website and charging them the $85 or less to use your password. Your friends, family and other members that you refer to though, will not be able to use the other services mentioned in the package offered.

6. For up to 3 years starting (October 1, 2023 and ending October 1, 2026) you can use your password to earn as much money as you like telling others about You collect $85 upfront from them and do not have to wait for anyone to pay you. So you can use your website to make money and also make money from This gives you two income streams to make money from. And you have up to 3 years to use as one of your income streams.

Payment Methods

To make payment for the package mentioned above and get your password, please pay the $275+hst using one of the following payment methods.

1. If you are making a payment from Canada, please use Interac or email transfer. Interac is a payment service that allows you to use direct banking and email transfer to make payments in Canada. My email address is After you email transfer the payment please email me your test question answer. I will email your invoice.

2. If you are making a payment from outside Canada, please use Western Union. Western Union is a payment service that allows you to transfer money internationally. The details you must use to send me your payment via Western Union is Name: Deon Brown, City: Kitchener, Province: Ontario, Country :Canada. Please email me the money transfer control number and all other applicable information so that I may collect your payment.

And Finally!

When you are ready to build the 3 websites, click on Get Started. Next enter your password then begin. Then when you are finish see step 4 to email me the info I need to help to promote your website.