WordPress Training 2023 is geared at helping you to learn WordPress. WordPress is a helpful tool you use to build a website for business, charity or personal use. It is used to build websites like online stores, blogs, websites for cleaning services, daycares, law firms, recipes, fitness, classified ads, coupon websites, social networks etc. Some you might even see online.

Besides learning WordPress as a skill, some other things you will learn is how to make money from a website. You will learn at least 5 ways. So far you have already learn one, which is to show others and earn money from doing so.

To sign up for WordPress Training, pay the training fee of $270.

The more you use WordPress the better you get at it. So I will share with you how to build an online store, a blog, a cleaning service website and a classified ads website. That way you get hands on practice doing different types of websites.

If you’re interested in signing up for my WordPress Training Camp click on Pay For Training Camp. The cost for my WordPress Training Camp is $270.